5 Ad Networks For New Bloggers

If your blog or website is new, you don’t have much traffic, and you want to display some ads on your website, you can try one of the followings. Some offer instant approval, most only take a day or two to approve your site.


Approval is instant, it’s great for any blogs which are new or with low traffic. Once you add a site, you have the options of displaying different ad types, right now, there are 5 options – Push Notifications, Onclick (Popunder), Smart link (Direct ads), Push up (Dialog ads), and Interstitial. And there is a message saying they will provide classic image-based banner ad soon, that will be great.

They also have an affiliate program – for anybody who join using your referral link, you will receive 5% of their revenue. They offer 8 payment methods: ePayments, Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, Payoneer Bank Transfer, PayPal USD, Skrill EUR, Wire EUR, Wire USD, Webmoney Z. Minimum payout: $100.00.


Approval is also instant. There are 9 placement types: Banner, Popunder, Floating Banner, Shadow Box, Slider, 158×21 Button, Footer, Interstitial, Topbar. The minimum payment threshold is $20 for PayPal and Payoneer, and $500 for wire.

About their referral programs: For a publisher with monthly revenues up to $1500, you will receive 5% share from his earnings for one year. For a publisher with monthly revenues over $1500, you will receive 10% share from his earnings for one year.


I got mine approved within a day, so I guess it might take a day or two for approval in general. 7 ad formats include Web Native, Display Banner Ads, Site-Under, Interstitial, Footer, Slide-In, Background. As a Publisher, your wallet balance must reach at least €100 before the last day of the previous month in order for you to be eligible for a payment. 5 different payment options: Paypal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Payoneer, WebMoney. I don’t think they provide any affiliate program yet.


I believe they have the lowest minimum withdrawal threshold, which is only $5. And they allow adult sites with legal content. Withdrawal requests are processed daily, that’s very nice. Also, you can earn commission not only referring publishers, but also advertisers. Here are some info from their FAQ.

What is the minimum withdrawal?
It is only $5.00 for PayPal and AlertPay. For Wire Transfer it is $500.00.

What payment methods are available?
Currently we can send your payment using PayPal, AlertPay and Wire Transfer.

How often do you issue withdrawals?
As often as you want! You can request your payment anytime you want if you have reached the minimum withdrawal limit. Withdrawal requests are processed daily.

Do you offer a referral program?
Yes, if you refer a publisher to us, you will get 10% of his earnings. If you refer an advertiser, you will get 10% of his spendings.


I bet this one is new. I can hardly find any info or review about them. I only saw some people talking about them on a few places. Searching Vombee on search engines would only return results about zombie, that’s funny.

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