Looking For The Best Web Hosting Provider

It’s not easy to find a good web hosting provider, especially nowadays, there are so many fake reviews on the net. Most reviews were written by folks who just want their affiliate money. And now there are getting more and more websites providing service comparison, they called themselves hosting advisor, they would talk to you online, asking this and that, giving you the best sincere advice, and eventually they would want to send you somewhere where they can earn the most commission. The fact is, it takes time to know a provider, most of the time, you don’t really see any problem till you use the service for a while.

Few years ago, I tried a few providers. Their services are ok, but not good enough for me to stay, this year I happen to have some time to work on these stuff, so I plan to move and try something new. So what were the problems? First of all, what happened to me might not happen to you, here is what I experienced.

Provider 1 – Their security is real tight. Even though I have specified my IP in the htaccess file, I get locked out from my admin page too frequently.

Provider 2 – Their database is really slow, and their cpanels are not encrypted.

Provider 3 – Their support is plain rude. For a minor issue, their so-called legal and abuse dept. sent me a complain saying I was abusing their system. In my point of view, their support dept. could simply drop me a line and I would respond appropriately.

So much for now, take a look at my footer and you will see who my new host is. 🙂

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