Netrouting Review 2018

Very Affordable Web Hosting

The thing that most impressed me is their pricing. Check out their basic shared web hosting package called Starter, only $1.99/month, or 19.99/year. That includes 2GB disk space, 100GB bandwidth, 10 Addon domains, and other goodies. Yea, I know, 2GB isn’t much, but I just wanted to park some domains, like making a one page site for each domain. One page with one line just saying “this domain is for sale, please contact blah blah blah…”, I hope that wouldn’t use up too much of their resources.

Great Friendly Fast Support

I got a problem and they got back to me within hours, the problem was solved and things were running ok.


For me, I seemed to have a problem adding domains. The domain I used to register with the hosting package didn’t work, I understand that DNS data needs time to propagate, but using one of those free online DNS lookup tool, there was no record of my domain on their given DNS servers. After 24 hours, still a no go. So that’s why I contacted their support, the domain was working after a short period of time. Next, I wanted to add another domain, another 24 hours, no record. Do I need to contact their support everytime I want to add a domain? Usually for other providers that I used, the record was inserted within a reasonable short period of time. Maybe this problem is only temporary, I don’t know, but I don’t plan to bother support too often.

Affiliate Program

They provide a tiered reseller program. For example, for a monthly total of €0 – €749, you will be a level 1 reseller status with 25% setup fee commission and 10% monthly fee commission.


They have a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee. Billing only asked once why I wanted to cancel. They are decent folks who promptly process my refund, only took 2 days. Will I try again? Yes, and next time, I will try with a different package.

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