5 Free Pinterest Style WordPress Theme

Automatic Infinite Scrolling Pinterest Style WordPress Theme

For those who are interested in setting up a Pinterest clone, there are quite a few commercial Pinterest clone script choices available. However, if you are not so sure about this investment, and plan to run a Pinterest alike site with free resources, you can try getting a Pinterest style Tumblr theme. But one major problem of using Tumblr is the lack of features, e.g. you cannot add Adsense easily, you don’t even have a rss feed widget. Basically, you are restricted to what features Tumblr allows you to use. On the other hand, with a WordPress installation, you have tons of options and plugins. So if you are planning to make a Pinterest clone for free, what’s better than a free WordPress blog plus a free Pinterest style WordPress theme? Unfortunately, compared to free Pinterest style Tumblr themes, there aren’t too many free Pinterest style WordPress themes available. Let’s see what we have here.


Aperio Prototype

Grid Portfolio


Shaken Grid

All of the above look pretty nice, but I think I’ll first try the “Shaken Grid” one.

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