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For many Internet users, the main reason for using a proxy is to protect online privacy, e.g. you don’t want to show your IP address to websites you don’t trust. In order to find the best private proxy service provider, there are certain basic criteria that have to be met, e.g. do they provide proxies from various cities across the globe, unlimited bandwidth, affordable pricings, customer support, any special usage restriction, and etc. Here are some of the best private proxy providers I visited today: – 1 private proxy: $2.5/month. You can refresh your proxies once per month, their proxies are blocked for torrents and 50% commission affiliate program. PR2, whois contact info is hidden.

changemyip – 5 private proxies: $10/month. Proxy restrictions: Paypal, Xrumer, Torrent downloading / uploading, Scrapebox. This site shares some identical content with, so who is copying who? Or are they the same company under two domain names. PR0, whois contact info is public.

Extreme Private Proxies – 10 private proxies: $10/month. There is no usage restriction, you get fresh new proxies every month. PR0, their whois contact info is hidden.

LimeProxies – 10 private proxies: $25/month. Spam / e-commerce are not allowed via their proxies. 25% commission affiliate program. PR1, whois contact info is hidden. – 2 private proxies: $5/month. Work with pretty much all websites including Google, Facebook, Craigslist, Yahoo, eBay, etc. Btw, they also offer online free proxy, and a free Firebox extension with 268 live proxies. PR3, whois contact info is public.

ProxyBlaxe – 10 private proxies: $13/month. Torrents, mailing, fraud, abuse and illegal activities are strictly prohibited. PR0, whois contact info is public.

Squid Proxies – 10 private proxies: $24/month. Common usages include Google / Facebook / MySpace / Live / Twitter, Scrapebox / SeNuke / Sick Submitter, General crawling / scraping. 20% commission affiliate program. PR2, whois contact info is public.

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