How To Make Money with Classified Ads Website

Recently I’m playing with an open source classifieds script called OSClass, I found this free script full of potential.

Adding Adsense to OSClass

OSClass has a free plugin called Ads 4 OSClass, you can copy and paste your Adsense code there, and then the plugin gives you a shortcode. Somehow, you still need to edit your php files to paste that shortcode. Since you need to edit the codes anyway, instead of using the shortcode, you can also copy and paste your Adsense ad code directly into the php files. Ads 4 OSClass could be more useful if it can insert the ad code directly, e.g. some default ad position in the header, footer, etc. Now if you want to add a 468×60 banner ad right next to your logo, edit header.php in folder themes\modern (assuming you are using the modern theme), paste the ad code after line 28. If you want to add another 468×60 banner ad in the footer area, edit footer.php in the same folder, paste the ad code after line 24. And if you want to add one more 468×60 banner ad in each ad, edit item.php, and paste the ad code after line 109.

Setup a real estate classifieds site

OSClass also offers a few special plugins for different purposes. The Dating Attributes plugin isn’t much helpful, it only provides 3 attributes, i.e. you are a man/woman/not-informed looking for a man/woman/not-informed for a friendship/formal/informal relation, is it too simple? On the other hand, the Real Estate Attributes plugin provides 16 attributes including most of the stuff you would think of. It could be fun to setup a real estate classified ad site for your local city, charge a fee for premium ad, don’t forget to download the free real estate theme!

Make money with your classifieds site

Probably PayPal 2.0.4 is the most popular OSClass plugin, it allows you to collect ad payment! Most developers would normally charge a fee for providing a PayPal plugin. But OSClass offers this PayPal plugin for free, that’s really something. So when your site starts to make some money, don’t forget to make a donation to OSClass, haha. With this PayPal plugin, you can setup either PayPal standard / API payment. How does it work? After you input your ad, a PayPal payment button will be displayed. Unless you pay the ad fee, your ad won’t be displayed.

Setup a directory of some sort?

Instead of using the script to setup a classified ad site for your local town, one could use it to setup a business or professional directory. Find a niche, buy an exact match domain name, remove all the default categories, only setup categories relevant to that specific niche. If your niche is good, and you get a good exact match domain name, you will for sure receive some free traffic, nice eh?

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