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Recently I was looking for a responsive WordPress theme for this blog, there aren’t many free responsive themes available. Probably the most well-known free responsive WordPress themes are Response, Responsive, and Skeleton. They look simple and nice, but I wonder if there are any more options. So I decided to head over to ThemeForest and see what I can find. Oh boy, that place is evil. One could spend hours browsing those pretty designs, and find it hard to decide which one to buy. As of now, they have 463 responsive WordPress themes. There are quite a few that I really like, here they are:




One thought on “Best Responsive WordPress Themes

  1. I love Gonzo, I tend to use this kind of minimal themes with great use of space and typography. I use themes from online databates only in this case, especially when it comes to attractive responsive layouts. In the rest of the time, when I don’t need this feature, I make my own templates using a simple theme editor, in Lubith for example, but keeping the minimal design, and the principle of great typography.

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