13 thoughts on “How to Set Up GoodLayers’ Modernize WordPress Theme

  1. Hey,

    I also bought one of the themes and have problem with the ‘right sidebar’.
    How do you Create a sidebar ?

    2. If you want a blog with a right sidebar, you need to first “create” a sidebar and name it, maybe “Right Sidebar”? Then your “Right Sidebar” will appear in the widget section.

    1. Hello Stijn,

      Click the “Modernize” admin panel, click Sidebar, type a sidebar name, e.g. “Right Sidebar”, click the “+” sign, click “Save Changes”. Now you have a “Right Sidebar”, put widgets in there. When you write a post, you can select which sidebar to use. Basically you can have many sidebars with different layouts.

      1. Hey Thanks,

        I found the solution also yesterday 🙂 after some research.
        i am using the bangkok press template, but it has the same possibilities.
        🙂 playing around a little with the theme before I am publishing the site 🙂
        Nice website for the rest

  2. THANK YOU! I am very new to this and have been trying to figure out how to add a sidebar ALL DAY! Woo-Hoo! Now, if I can only figure out how to keep my images from being distorted when added to pages, I’ll be thrilled!

  3. just bought this theme and didn’t realize you HAD to have a logo on the top of the page, that’s weird. Is it possible to replace the logo with some text instead? My client doesn’t have a logo and doesn’t want one.

  4. So how did you fix the issue with the post title not showing up? This theme has a ton of features but not very easy to figure it all out. I too, am taking careful notes should I ever have to go through the setup process again. Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Hi, are you talking about the “Homepage”? Just create a page, name it, e.g. “homepage”, and add a “blog item”. In Settings, Reading, set front page displays “A static page”, select “homepage”. Now your blog post titles will show up…

  5. Does anyone know if you can add a captcha field to the contact form? Or do I need to add a separate 3rd party form (contact form 7 or Ninja Forms)?

    My client is saying he is receiving a lot of spam from this contact form.

    Many thanks!

    1. Yea, I have a similar problem. I just installed the “Are You a Human” plugin today, I hope that helps a bit.

  6. Hey guys,

    I need help! I currently have the “modernize” theme installed on my word press site. I am trying to go back in and make changes such as a new background color, and changing the color of my navigation bar. I notice that when I go in and make changes to the theme, they are not visible (even when I refresh the page). I am saving my changes and still nothing shows. Am I doing something wrong? Why is this happening?

  7. I need some help. Have a website that is designed in wordpress using modernize theme. After the site was uploaded to the hosting server and was turned over to us, I wanted to make an minor change to the home page. Apparently when the design company uploaded the site they did not include the editing tools for modifying the main page. If I purchased the modernize theme is there a way I can use it to replace the theme that wordpress is now using to be able to have the main page editing tools? If it can be replaced, will replacing it have any negative affect on the post content that is already loaded into the site? If replacing the theme can be accomplished, and if there will not be any negative effects on the existing site content, how is the best way to replace it?

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