Where To Buy The Best Reliable Solo Ads

What is Solo Ad? Solo ad is all about email marketing. It is a popular way for marketers to get their message out to a large number of targeted prospects with a relatively low cost. Basically, if you want to buy a solo ad, you find people with a mailing list, you pay them and they will mail out your advertisement with a link to your free opt-in offer squeeze page. On the other hand, if you already maintain an email list, you might earn extra revenue by renting out your list, or you can perform ad swaps with your fellow marketers.

The concept of solo ad / ad swap email marketing is straightforward, but the usual problem is to find reliable suppliers / partners that will actually deliver your ad, workable email lists that is relevant to your niche, and most importantly, email lists that will convert! Frankly speaking, if you are serious about buying solo ads, wouldn’t it be nice to find a place that will display solo ads sellers’ rating, reliability and stuff? If you have that in mind, Safe Swaps is definitely the place to go. For an affordable monthly fee of $29.99, you get unlimited ad swaps with other members. For better deals, you can prepay 6 months and get one month free, or prepay 12 months and get two months free. For those who don’t have a list, one can easily build up a list from scratch by buying solo ads from a number of reputable members. Free members can even enjoy one ad swap with any paid members who accepts guest ad swaps. Free member can also shop for solo mailings, join affiliate program, and contact customer support.

Interested? But having problem in maintaining an email list? There are many email marketing service providers in the market, and AWeber happens to be one of the very popular choices.

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