How To Start Your Own GPT Site?

A friend of mine read my post on 100+ popular CPA networks, and wonder if it is still profitable to start up a Get Paid To site nowadays. Well, some people believe that GPT sites are not what they used to be, however there are still countless money making forums advertising GPT sites on a daily basis. I guess that all depends on what kind of people doing the CPA offers, and what kind of people running the GPT sites. Those who intend to scam GPT sites and those owners who have no intention to pay might bound to meet failure, a lose-lose situation. Some suggest that CPA might work better with online game currency or content lockers. Somehow, it’s a bit hard to expect kids filling out CPA offers in a serious way. All they care is how many game credits they would get in exchange, probably they are not the perfect candidates for doing CPA offers either. Anyway, if you are ambitious enough to run your own GPT site, obviously the first thing you need is a reliable commercial GPT software which has the most built in fraud protections.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many GPT scripts in the market. Many are reported to be clones of one and other. FSRevolution used to be a good one but they discontinued their sales earlier this year. The only one left that has the best proven track record is ShiftCode. ShiftCode provides a one stop GPT hosted solution, they will take care of all the hassles of website hosting, DDoS protection, fraud prevention, software development, and let you focus on marketing your GPT site. Their startup package includes standard features like the ability to manage advertisements, integration with practically any affiliate networks, automatic postback services, support ticket system, PayPal integration and other payment options. All for $99.95. Right now, there is even a summer special for only $29.95, limited to the first 100 buyers. For that price, you can’t beat it!

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  1. I recently purchased the shiftcode script for $29.95 and have found to be worth it. If you are really considering opening a gpt site, now is the time to do it as shiftcode scripts can cause you hundredths. Check out my site at and let me know what you think. I was also able to create my own design. My site cost me under $50.00 with the $29.95 fee and domain purchase. I do have to continue paying $29.95, but I think I can still generate a good amount of income.

    If you want information of good CPA offers, just send me an email to getpaidhub at gmail dot com.

    Thanks and good luck!

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