Need More Free Web Hosts?

Usually “Best” and “Free” don’t go hand in hand, they don’t like each other, and they never work well together. Free web hosting is only good for temporary use, testing, backlink building, or maybe some disposable marketing campaigns. If you are in need of a few free hosts to play with your new Internet marketing ideas, here are some. Or, click here for some more.

AwardSpace – 250M disk space, 5G monthly traffic, 1 domain, 1 email, 1 FTP account, 1 MySQL database, 10M database storage

Host1Free – 2G disk space, 100G monthly traffic, 5 domains, 2 MySQL databases

Zymic – 6G disk space, 50G monthly traffic, unlimited websites, 3 MySQL databases – Unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly traffic

1freehosting – 10G disk space, 100G monthly traffic, unlimited domains, 5 emails, 5 FTP accounts, 5 MySQL databases

xtreemhost – 2.5G disk space, 100G monthly traffic, 10 domains, 1 FTP account, 10 MySQL databases, 50M database storage

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