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Recently, Namecheap offers free privacy protection for their customers, that’s a great feature for those who are still using Namecheap. But for those who decided to leave Namecheap, that wouldn’t help much. Sometimes, cheap pricing is not everything. There are always other reasons which might drive customers away, e.g. support, or interface design.

So, what would be a good alternative of Namecheap? Definitely not GoDaddy, many people get tired of their excessive upsells and cold call marketing. If you are new to the domain name stuff, you might not mind those at the beginning. But after a while, when you get more domains, you want to look for somewhere with cheaper fees and less bothering.

Namesilo seems to have the best prices in the market. Visit this page, check out the comparison table, you will get an idea of the pricing of the most popular registrars. Again, pricing is not everything, you might want to register one or two here and there and see which one you like the most.

I tried a couple of them, and decided to transfer some more domains to Uniregistry. Their pricing is very affordable, and interface design is smart and efficient. Each line shows the domain name, last activity time, expiration date, registration date, name server info, info on auto-renew, privacy protection and locking. The name server info is particularly useful, you can tell instantly where your domain is being hosted. Unlike one major registrar, you have to click each domain name to find out its name server info, that’s plain annoying and inefficient.

Another great feature is the Market, you can easily send your domains to the market with just a few clicks. Sale methods include Offers Only and Buy It Now. No fees are incurred for listing domains for sale in the Market. Fees are only applied on sales. For domain buyers who pay with credit card or PayPal ($5000 limit), domain sellers incur convenience fee of 6.88%. For more details, please visit Uniregistry website.

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