Awstats Stopped Logging SSL Traffic

I thought I found the perfect host with great features and affordable pricing, but I was happy too soon. After a package upgrade, Awstats stopped logging SSL traffic for all the hosted domains. Using one site as an example, their support suggested that the problem could due to a mixed content front page, that might make sense somehow, but what about other pages without mixed content, and what about other websites?

Awstats/SSL stopped logging right after package upgrade, isn’t that a good indication that something went wrong during upgrade? Support replied that “I would be unable to confirm this as we are not familiar with what the state of your website was during this time.” That reminds me another hosting provider called reseller something, many years ago, one day, something stopped working, the first thing their support asked was “did you do something to your website?” Somehow they fixed the problem later, but there were other issues from time to time, so eventually we had to cancel the serivce.

Anyway, for this Awstats/SSL problem, I contacted support twice. With the same reply from the same person, I understand that this problem isn’t going anywhere, and it would not go away by itself. And I’m pretty sure that for some of those old sites, I didn’t change themes, or even add postings for a long time. What worked before should still work.

Maybe it’s time to look for other service provider. Believe it or not, I found one which has even better features and pricing. Most importantly, I moved stuff over there, and Awstats started working again with both SSL and non-SSL traffic. For that particular test site, I didn’t change anything, didn’t fix the mixed content front page, Awstats also logs both SSL and non-SSL traffic. I will tell you more in my next post.

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