A2 Hosting Review 2018

Previously, I mentioned that I needed a new web host. Perferably, a web host supporting free SSL would be great. For personal sites, I don’t really need a paid SSL with insurance and stuff, as long as the connection is encrypted, that would be fine, something like Let’s Encrypt SSL would do the job. You can check this page and get a list of web hosting providers which support Let’s Encrypt.

I selected about 20 of those sites and checked them out one by one. A2 Hosting seems to stand out from the rest. Especially their Turbo package, they have something called Turbo Server which they claim that the page will load 20X faster, there are more resources per user, few users per server and enhanced performance over Apache. They also have something called A2 optimized software and A2 optimized site accelerator. They all sound very impressive.

With an annual fee of $251.88, I kinda expected that there would be more resources allocated to each account. The cpanel stat shows that I/O usage 2.44MB, IOPS 1024, Entry Processes 35, Physical Memory Usage 2GB, Number of Processes 50. Compared with those with FastComet, I/O usage 6MB, IOPS 1024, Entry Processes 40, Physical Memory Usage 6GB, Number of Processes 60, annual fee $143.40. Should I switch to a new provider which costs more but with less resources? Do I really need a Turbo Server which loads pages 20X faster? There must be other options, so the search continued…

A2 Hosting is a decent business which offers a “Anytime Money Back Guarantee”. If you cancel within the first 30 days, you receive a full refund, or anytime after for a prorated refund of unused service after 30-days. Some providers wouldn’t do that, if you discover any problem after the money back guarantee period, you run out of luck, they deny responsibility and keep your money. So, if you need a lightning-fast web server, check out A2 Hosting.

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