CPA/ClickBank + Flyer = Money?

This offline marketing money making method is simple and straightforward. Step 1: Assuming we want to target college students in major cities, what would these target audience be interested in? Student loan? Dating? Body building? Weight loss? Teeth whitening? Skin care? Free iPad? Free gift cards, or maybe Extra income opportunity? So we head to our favourite CPA website and search for the appropriate offers, maybe 1-2 offers could fit on an A4 paper. Certain ClickBank products or affiliate programs of related products might work as well. You got to test a bit to find out what work best for you. Step 2: Next, visit Fiverr and find some people to post flyers for you. Some of them are kind enough to send you a few proof pictures. As usual, try to find gigs that have a good rating. On the other hand, if you live in a college town, you might consider provide such flyer posting services as well.

I will post 50 flyers around the University of South Florida in Tampa for $5 – For only $5, I will post fifty flyers for you business, product, company, etc. all around the campus of USF in Tampa, Florida. They can be posted on anywhere from bulletin boards to vending machines to bathroom stalls and they will be up for long periods of time. USF is attended by over 45,000 students so you will be sure to have a wide variety of people see your flyers and get plenty of new business. The campus is also nearly 2,000 acres large, so there are plenty of places to post flyers. As proof, I’ll send you five pictures of some of the flyers that I post for you. Don’t forget to check out my gig Extras!

I will post up 50 Flyers at York University with 55,000 Students and 250,000 Alumni for $5 – ★★★★★Top Rated Seller★★★★★ York University is the third largest university in Canada. With over with 55,000 Students and 250,000 Alumni. I go to York University every week and I can easily post in high traffic areas. There are thousands of students on campus on weekdays. I will print them in traditional A4 Letter Size paper (8.5″ x 11″) in black & white. I can also take 1-3 pictures of them posted up if you need it. Great for marketing!

I will distribute 30 flyers in New York City or Baruch College in NYC for $5 – ✓✓✓Top Rated Seller✓✓✓ No one posts flyers in a better location than me! Launch your product in New York City, the financial capital of the world! There is no better way to test the waters with your product or website. Please provide a file with a quality flyer. Color flyers always get better results compared to plain black and white. I provide proof pictures. Gig Extras: Check out my gig extras for color or to select the target audience!

I will post 50 flyers for you at the University of Chicago for $5 – 100% FEEDBACK! BEST FLYER GIG ON FIVERR!! I will post 50 of your flyers at the University of Chicago for only 5 bucks! I have the best service here on fiverr. First of all, you have a great sample of what my work will look like for you, second, your advertisement will be seen by thousands of students a day and they will stay up for extended periods of time, and finally, I will provide you with 2 pictures, proving that I have posted your flyers! This is simply the best promotional gig here on fiver. If you would like to have a video made for you, like the one featured on this page, please be sure to ask me and we can work something out. Please be sure to check out the extras for color and other great add ons! YOU MUST PROVIDE ME WITH THE FLYER, I DO NOT MAKE THEM.

I will hand out 200 flyers of your ad on the tube in London + tweet and facebook message to over 50000 people for $5 – Check out my other gigs 100% feedback!! This is the most unique gig on fiverr!! Send me wot u want advertised and I will print it out 200 times and hand it out on the Tube in London. This is a great way to really advertise something and will get u noticed. And top of the posting you also get a facebook and twitter message over 50,000 users. If you would like me to target a specific demographic e.g offices, restaurents, mothers or a specific areas in London or a specific time e.g rush hour please order the demographic gig extra. If you would like the printing done in color to grab people’s attention please order the color gig extra. I also recommend the gig extra on my website too which has had over 50 million hits! Please note the printing costs for me are free since I use my free office printer credits – that is why I can print so many flyers and so fast too To order the gig extra tick them below!

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